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based on the laws of islamic republic of iran in the chamber of commerce , industry , mines and agriculture , the society of knowledge - based firms is established .
companies that can join the community :
technology - based companies : companies that are based in parks , incubators , and support institutions .
knowledge based firms : firms that have been approved by the evaluation system of science and technology deputy .
companies that offer service to the companies listed above ; approved by the association evaluation committee .
main activity axes :
trying to empower the management skills of member companies
reinforcing synergies between members and members with relevant markets
tracking improvement of rules and regulations supporting member firms
current services :
create a corporate and corporate identity covering for members
synergy space and development of relationships with knowledge - based companies in isfahan .
al - hasaneh fund for companies and their employees


Specialized sub-units

Executive Bylaws of specialized committees

creating a synergistic infrastructure within knowledge based companies in order to conduct major technology projects.

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Executive Bylaws of specialized committees