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based on the laws of islamic republic of iran in the chamber of commerce , industry , mines and agriculture , the society of knowledge - based firms is established .
companies that can join the community :
technology - based companies : companies that are based in parks , incubators , and support institutions .
knowledge based firms : firms that have been approved by the evaluation system of science and technology deputy .
companies that offer service to the companies listed above ; approved by the association evaluation committee .
main activity axes :
trying to empower the management skills of member companies
reinforcing synergies between members and members with relevant markets
tracking improvement of rules and regulations supporting member firms
current services :
create a corporate and corporate identity covering for members
synergy space and development of relationships with knowledge - based companies in isfahan .
al - hasaneh fund for companies and their employees


Nurture new ideas

Access to the global market and build a global product in the fastest time and with the highest quality
Focusing on solving the main problems and challenges of the country through innovative solutions with our executive team members who are experienced professionals in the field of business, we decided to cultivate your valuable products with our experiences and relationships and the possibility of exporting it. Provide.


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Executive Bylaws of specialized committees

according to the goals specified in the statute of knowledge - based companies , and in order to develop community members ' participation in achieving the objectives of the association and its members , in specialized fields , specialized committees , as advisory and executive arms , will be formed and operate within the framework of the forum .

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Executive Bylaws of specialized committees