Start of the underwriting process of Spanta Fanavaran Espadana Company

the lack of legal structure for carrying out construction projects required in the country , led the isfahan province to start studying in the form of the society - based firms " association to determine the required tools .
the results of this integrated study led to a decision making for the creation of a public stock company for private companies registered and established under the name of dadfar spanta .
the company is now in the stage of subscription to complete the initial capital .
the topic and extent of the company 's main activities
promotion of technological projects in favor of all knowledge - based companies in order to develop industries such as engineering , supply and production of strategic goods .
export and import of goods and services required by knowledge - based companies .
private partnership project , private .
(e) buy and sell goods and knowledge - based products .
(b) registration and establishment of agency offices or workshops if necessary in and out of the country or to obtain representation from local and foreign companies .
in general , applied research , studies , consulting , engineering , engineering , engineering , construction and installation , construction and installation , construction and installation , construction and installation , engineering , engineering , engineering science , engineering , science engineering , science engineering , science engineering , science engineering , science engineering , biotechnology and biochemistry , pharmaceutical and food industries , medical engineering .
subject and limits of the company :
(f) to carry out transportation services within the city , storage , distribution and sale of products and participation in domestic and foreign exhibitions , depending on the need and in proportion to the corporate objectives .
borrowing from all banks and credit financial institutions to achieve company goals .
abstract non - pyramid and non - hierarchical marketing services in the field of products and services .
(f) to carry out the activities of financial and economic feasibility studies and technology transfer agreements from both abroad or abroad .
entry into the emerging areas of knowledge and technology in accordance with laws and regulations and upstream scientific documents in the country .
founder list
( in alphabetical order )
association of knowledge - based firms
isfahan saba chemical institute
asia - central asia
arya arya the pioneering polymer
sepahan dental health worker
isfahan non - governmental fund for research and development
pioneer ryan
leading thinker of st. paul
websites of persian rugs
compacting concrete style
isfahan university of science and research
-- privately owned ryan ryan
sepahan , sepahan
partnership conditions ( subscription ) :
regarding the financing of the percentage of shares of the company by the founder and the percentage of remaining shares , al - barbari is handed over to the companies approved by the founder panel .
the total amount of the amount needed for financing the remaining shares is le rials , which in order to provide the possibility of the presence of corporate lines such as growth and growth , the buyer can purchase the shares of minimum and minimum rials and shares the shares of rangin dadfar spanta .
the sum of the above amounts to purchase shares shall be provided in cash during the specified time period in the form of subscription and the rest within a year . obviously , the total amount of the shares is cash .
according to the constraint of required capital , privatization is the priority with buyers who will pay the funds first .
due to the impossibility of holding face - to - face meetings in the corona , the master board introduces the victim as his agent to form virtual meetings ; therefore , interested readers can be asked to complete their information .
the founder panel affirmed that the verbal meetings were merely meant to increase the level of information from the stock buyers and only make written documentation on behalf of the founder or its representative .